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#100greysday on Twitter!

Hello everyone,

I received a rather interesting e-mail this morning, informing me of this special event on Twitter that\’s taking place this Thursday. Grey\’s Anatomy fans on Twitter are celebrating the show\’s 100th episode by changing their avatars to Grey\’s Anatomy-related ones and twitting the tag #100greysday, among others.

If you have a Twitter account and wish to join in, be sure to read on below for more information!

Following the trend on Twitter of creating special dates for celebrating people, bands, and all sorts of stuffs, fans of Grey’s Anatomy are stating that, on this Thursday, is the #100greysday.

All you have to do is change your avatar for one that has a Grey’s Anatomy related theme (characters, quotes, whatever), and write the tag #100greysday on your twitts! This way, we’re hopping to reach no.1 Trending Topics, and show the world (and Shonda Rhimes as well) how me much we love this show and that we are excited with the 100th episode!

I, personally am definitely going to join in the fun! Let\’s celebrate the 100th episode together!


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