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See Chandra in Chicago!

Win a chance to see Chandra in CHICAGO: The Musical on Broadway this June!

Chandra will be playing on Broadway as Matron \”Mama\” Morton in CHICAGO. And thanks to Christina, a CHICAGO representative, we will be able to give away a pair of tickets to the show! All you have to do is answer the questions below correctly and send them to us!

Before answering the questions, please take note these few things:

1. Tickets are based on availability for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday performances only.

2. Winner must live in or be able to travel to New York City on their own expense. Chicago will not provide any transportation.

3. For more information on CHICAGO, visit their official website.

Now, on to the questions!

Question 1
State Chandra\’s middle name.

Question 2
Chandra has done several stage performances before CHICAGO. State three of said performances.

Question 3
In her movie \”Accidental Friendship\”, Chandra plays a _________________ .

Question 4
On Grey\’s Anatomy, Chandra\’s character, Dr. Bailey gave birth to a son. State her son\’s full name, along with his nickname.

Question 5
Dr. Bailey is a graduate of which college?

Question 6
Which Grey\’s Anatomy actor was originally looking to audition the part of Dr. Bailey?

Ready to submit your answers? Send them to us using this e-mail: with the subject \”CHICAGO Contest\” before June 3, 2009.

The person with the most correct answers wins! In the event of a tie, it\’ll be a random draw.

If you have further questions about this contest, don\’t hesitate to contact us at Good luck!


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