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6.10 \”Holidaze\” – Additional episode stills

Hello everyone,

First off, I apologize for still not putting screen captures from the latest episode up yet. The new Uni semester has just started and I am still trying to get in the groove of things – buying new books, reading new modules and getting into the Uni mood again. However, I\’ve managed to find some quiet time and am currently working on the caps, so be sure to keep checking back for them!

In the meantime, ABC released 3 additional stills from the latest episode, 6.10 \”Holidaze\”. They have all been added to the gallery.

Along with those, I\’ve also replaced MQ stills from episodes 6.08 \”Invest In Love\”, 6.09 \”New History\” and 6.10 \”Holidaze\” to HQ ones! Make sure you check them out!

Enjoy the stills!


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