\”Message Of Hope\” Webisode 2: Take One

Hello everyone!

The second webisode from \”Seattle Grace: Message Of Hope\”, the new webisode series on ABC.com has been released and now available for your viewing pleasure on the website!

This week’s webisode picks up on Chief Webber and Karen Howard, Seattle Grace-Mercy West’s new PR consultant, as they begin to put together the pieces of a sizzle reel to revamp the hospital’s bruised image following last year’s shooting. Dr. Hunt is chosen as the lucky (or unlucky) on-camera spokesman to bring life and excitement to the reel. A former surgeon in the US Army, Dr. Hunt is talented, intelligent and dedicated, but known more for his tendency to be abrasive and rash than his ability to comfort and energize. Can Owen turn on the charm to give the PR maven what she expects, or will her demands and direction rub him the wrong way? Check out this week’s webisode, directed by Kevin McKidd who plays Dr. Owen Hunt, to find out!

Click here to head over to the ABC Official Website to have a watch!

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  1. emmathreal says:

    hi everyone one grey’s anamtoy really enjoy last season.
    you big fan emma threwal xxxxxxxxxx

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