\”Message Of Hope\” Webisode 3: The Face

The third webisode from “Seattle Grace: Message Of Hope”, has been released and now available for your viewing pleasure on the website!

Eager, determined and excited to be the sizzle reel spokeswoman, April (Sarah Drew) is ready for her moment in the spotlight. Relatively new to the hospital since the merger with Mercy West, April has not exactly had an easy transition. Fired by Chief Richard Webber for a small but fatal ER mistake, Dr. Kepner was given a second chance when rehired by Dr. Derek Shepherd and has been determined to prove he made the right decision ever since. After seeing her friend killed by the hospital shooter and coming face-to-face with the gun herself, April knows first-hand the image makeover that the hospital needs. Unfortunately for her, PR consultant Karen Howard may have other plans for the sizzle reel when Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) catches her eye. Will April be the second doctor (after Dr. Owen Hunt in Webisode 2) on the sizzle reel chopping block?

Click here to watch the webisode on the ABC Official Website!

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