7.12 \”Start Me Up\” – Screen captures

Hello everyone!

As promised, HD screen captures from last week\’s episode, 7.12 \”Start Me Up\” have been added to the gallery!

The next episode, 7.13 \”Don\’t Deceive Me (Please Don\’t Go)\” is slated to air on February 3rd, so unfortunately there won\’t be any new episodes until then. But hopefully, we will be able to have our hands on the promotional stills and promo from the episode very soon!

2 comments on “7.12 \”Start Me Up\” – Screen captures”

  1. Orangema says:

    I LOVE you site but i dont see the photo because im not inscrit but what inscrit on you website ?!

  2. Sheeda says:

    @ Orangema: Hey! Yes, the gallery was somehow re-configured and most people were not able to access it. I’ve fixed everything though, so you should be able to view the photos now! :)

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