8.03 \”Take The Lead\” – Promo

Hello everyone!

The official promo for next week\’s episode, 8.03 \”Take The Lead\” has been uploaded to the video archive. Have a watch below!

What are your thoughts on the season premiere last night?

One comment on “8.03 \”Take The Lead\” – Promo”

  1. Suzanne says:

    OMG, I loved the season premiere! Although it was very sad overall.. those piercing eyes from derek towards meredith are just killing me! Christina gave me goosebumbs, the moment when she knew Owen would stood by her… omg i almost cried!

    But i really hope derek comes to his senses soon.

    Oh and alex was very sweet! That scene with christina just cracked me up!!

    Looking forward to some sneak peaks on your site!

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