New Owner / 9×13 – Bad Blood HD Screen Captures

Hey everybody! My name is Eric and I am the new owner here at Grey’s Anatomy Fan! Jessie unfortunately stepped down from the site, but she was kind enough to pass it on to me. I have been a loyal fan of Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning and it is an honor to be the new owner of this amazing site! I hope to carry on all the great work that has been done here. If you haven’t already noticed, I have been doing a little re-organization in the gallery. For the most part things are organized in the way I like, but I still have a lot of tweaking to do. I will also be adding a ton of new photos, including posters, promos, and more from the show, as well as a lot of missing public events. Also, I uploaded 1,226 HD screen captures from the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy that aired. I will be gradually be uploading screen captures from the missing episodes, as well as replacing the existing one’s with HD versions. I hope you enjoy the captures and keep checking back for more updates!

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Grey’s Anatomy > Season 9 > Screen Captures > 9×13 – Bad Blood

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