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Kevin McKidd: Cristina Will Return to Save Owen From a Hellish Marriage

Luckily for all of us Cristina Yang fans — in other words, all of us — Sandra Oh has been vocal about wanting to guest-star in future seasons of Grey’s Anatomy after leaving the show at the end of Season 10. And on-screen love Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) has some awesome ideas about how a return of the Yang could resurrect Crowen.

“I’m hoping for it really,” he tells TV Guide. “There are loads of ideas kicking around. I said to Sandra that she should leave and go off and do her thing and I [as Owen] end up in some disastrous relationship. [Then] she comes back when the show eventually ends in however many years time and saves Owen from this hellish marriage he’s found himself in.”

Yes, please! After all, this new chick Emma may be cute, but is she really wife material for our favorite hunky redhead? We’d much rather see him married to — or, at least, in committed relationship with — Cristina.

In any event, don’t expect a clear-cut ending for the star-crossed surgeons at the end of Season 10: “Maybe it’s going to be left with a dot-dot-dot. Maybe it’s more fun in a way to leave them without a full stop at the end of the sentence. That feels more organic to me … because I would imagine they’re not going to kill Cristina and she is still a living character in the world that can show up at any time.”

And, as he argues, closure wouldn’t be appropriate for Christina anyway: “For Cristina, things have never been tied up with a nice bow. So that’s how it should end. Maybe with some sense of peace, but certainly not with an, ‘OK, we’re good. I’ll send you a postcard.'”

What would be the ideal scenario for Cristina’s triumphant return? Pitch us your best storyline below.

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Sandra Oh on ‘Good Morning America’

I don’t plan on updating the single cast interviews and talk shows that much, but I figured since this is Sandra’s last season I’d add the new stuff. Sandra was on Good Morning America on Thursday, I’ve added HQ photos to the gallery and the video to the archive. Hope y’all enjoy!


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The Cast Talks Season 10 (Videos)




Last month, “Grey’s Anatomy” kicked off its 10th season and on Oct. 10, the show will air its 200th episode. correspondent Chi-Lan Lieu caught up with a few of the cast members from the hit medical drama at a celebration for the 200th episode.
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While most of the stars admitted they too are curious to see how Callie and Arizona’s drama plays out, they also revealed a few interesting bits of information about what will happen in the 200th episode and beyond.

Many of the cast members also talked about co-star Sandra Oh, who revealed in August that she will exit her role as Dr. Cristina Yang at the end of this season.

Check out five things we learned at the 200th episode party below and watch interviews with the show’s stars above.

1. The doctors have a little competition going at a gala to raise money for the hospital.

“The hospital is struggling, financially, because of this storm and the impact on the insurance claims. You know, they need money fast. These doctors have just bought this hospital and they’re out of money,” Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt, said. “So they decide, in their great wisdom, to throw a gala, but being doctors and not being like party organizers things go — take an interesting turn. So, it’s a really fun episode. It’s a big celebration of the show, as well as really fun.”

“Jackson [Jesse Williams] puts everybody, all the doctors, all the attendings, in competition with each other to raise the most money at the gala,” Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres, said. “Whoever raises the most money gets a huge grant for the department and so Callie finds an interesting way to get sympathy — raise money through sympathy about Arizona — her situation with Arizona.”

2. The gala gives the interns a chance to take care of the hospital and they have “a lot of power” behind them this season.

“All of the interns are at the hospital, except for Jo [Camilla Luddington], so they’re actually taking care of the hospital while we’re at the fundraiser,” Ramirez said. “A lot of craziness ensues at the hospital as well as the fundraising gala.”

“I think the interns are really, really, uniquely directed this year,” Jessica Capshaw, who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins, said. “Like I felt like there’s a lot of power behind them. I think there’s a lot of charge and I think that they’re discovering who they are or the writers are this year. ”

3. Jo and Alex [Justin Chambers] will have communication problems and he gets a special visit.

“For Jo and Alex, it’s a lot of development in their relationship, kind of getting to know each other and communication seems to be one of their big problems,” Luddington said. “So, they have to learn to communicate and that’s something you see a lot at the beginning of this season.”

“The 200th episode. There is a gala and it’s a little bit crazy inside. Jo has been invited by Alex and he’s sort of ignoring her all night ’cause he doesn’t want to be there,” she added. “They kind of butt heads all evening and that’s where their communication problems come out, they realize, at that gala.”

Meanwhile, Chambers told Lieu, “They’ll be someone from Alex’s past visiting.”

4. Cristina’s relationships with Owen and Meredith [Ellen Pompeo] are complicated and exciting.

Oh said about her character’s relationship with Owen, “I don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of the season, I don’t know what’s going to happen with Christina, I don’t know what’s going to happen with she and Owen, but, I can say near the beginning part you’ll see, you know, certain consequences of the decision she’s making.”

McKidd added, “Cristina and Owen, are still — even though they’re not together, my gut tells me it’s still going to be complicated between them.”

Oh also said of Cristina’s relationship with Meredith, “Some really fantastic, I just think, so exciting stuff is going to go on with her friendship with Meredith. Yeah, very, very exciting. It’s been fantastic to play.”

5. There will be a more laughs this season.

“What’s really fun about this season is that there’s a lot of comedy. So, we’ve been just laughing like crazy at every table read and I love that the levity is coming back,” Sarah Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner on the series, said. “You know, there’s still going to be a lot of intensity and a lot of drama, as there always is, but there’s gonna be a lot of laughs. So, that’s fun.”

She added about her character, “April, of course, is in the midst of this love mess, so we’ll see what happens with that.”

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EDIT: These videos and more have been added to the video archive!

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Sandra Oh Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is losing one of its original and most beloved stars.

Sandra Oh has opted to exit the medical drama from Shonda Rhimes, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Oh has played prickly doctor Cristina Yang since the series premiered in 2005 and will exit ABC’s top-rated drama following the completion of its upcoming 10th season. The actress, who was among the stars who signed new two-year deals in May 2012 to return to Grey’s through season 10, instead will pursue other opportunities beyond the series.

“Creatively, I really feel like I gave it my all, and I feel ready to let her go,” an emotional Oh tells THR. “It’s such an interesting thing to play a character for so long and to actually get the sense that she wants to be let go as well. [Cristina] wants to be let go, and I am ready to let her go. We have to start the process, story-wise, for the Grey’s writers to think of why she’s going to go.”

Oh says she first began thinking about wrapping her Grey’s run in May 2012 when what she called the “original six” inked new two-year deals to take them through the 10th season of the series. “I’ve gone through a lot of therapy over this,” she says through tears. “I started thinking about it because I had to prepare myself. I gave myself two years to emotionally let go. At the end of last season, Shonda took me aside and said, ‘What are your thoughts?’ I said, ‘I’m ready.'”

Oh informed her co-stars about her upcoming exit during Tuesday’s table read for the show’s 200th episode and said the decision “doesn’t feel real” yet. “I seriously think I need that much support over processing it over this next year for me to be able to leave fully and leave in a way that I feel like Cristina deserves,” she says, noting that Rhimes has supported her every step of the way. “For the first time, at least for my character, you actually have an endpoint, which in series television you never or very rarely have.”

Rhimes has repeatedly noted that she sees herself in Cristina’s character — a driven doctor who repeatedly puts her professional life first and foremost over her personal affairs. The character was the second one Rhimes created — following Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey.

“One of the best days of my life as a writer happened the day Sandra Oh walked in my door to audition and forever changed the course of Grey’s Anatomy with her brilliant, nuanced portrayal of Cristina Yang,” series creator/showrunner Rhimes says. “Over the past 10 seasons, I have been made better by Sandra’s trust, faith and friendship, and I can’t quantify how grateful I am for her collaboration on a character we both love so deeply. This year is going to be bittersweet for us — we’re both going to savor every moment of Cristina Yang, and then we’re going to give her the exit she deserves. And when Sandra walks out of my door, Grey’s Anatomy will once again be forever changed.”

It’s unclear just how Oh’s exit will be handled on-screen. No additional castmembers are expected to be departing at this time, though the two-year contracts for stars Patrick Dempsey (Derek), Pompeo (Meredith), Justin Chambers (Alex), James Pickens Jr. (Webber) and Chandra Wilson (Bailey) are up at the end of season 10. (Dempsey recently told THR that “it’s worth having a discussion” on whether he would continue on at Grey’s. “Whether or not we’re in the show, I think the show will continue on,” he said. “I know Shonda would like it to.”)

“It’s our intention to have Grey’s on the air for many years to come, with as many of the original cast as possible,” ABC said in a statement. Sources tell THR that negotiations will begin shortly with remaining original stars Dempsey, Pompeo, Chambers, Pickens and Wilson to continue on with the series after season 10. Oh’s onscreen love interest Kevin McKidd will remain with the series beyond this season. “I want everybody for as long as they want to stay,” Rhimes tells THR.

ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee hinted that there could be cast departures coming this season on Grey’s Anatomy during his recent presentation at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, noting that Rhimes was “planning a number of series out[s].” “We would like to see [Grey’s] on the network for many years to come,” he said.

Oh has earned five supporting actress Emmy nominations for the role, which originally was not envisioned to be an Asian-American. She is a four-time Image Award nominee, two-time People’s Choice Award nominee and won the Golden Globe in 2006 for the part. In addition to a nomination for the Grey’s ensemble, Oh also took home the SAG Award for actress in a drama series in 2006.

During Oh’s 10-season run, Cristina has been a vehicle for Rhimes and the Grey’s writers to explore often controversial subject matter such as abortion and interracial marriage as well as PTSD — three times — including after a plane crash that claimed the lives of two former series regulars (Eric Dane, Chyler Leigh). As much as Grey’s has been the story of Meredith and Derek’s romance, it’s as much about the former’s relationship with her best friend Cristina and her on-again, off-again romance with Owen (McKidd).

“I want this to be a celebration,” Oh says of Cristina’s final run. “I want us to get to that point where we see this character ride off into the sunset. Letting go of such a huge part of my life … I want to cry right now. Grey’s has been the most important role of my life. Playing Cristina and growing her and growing myself in her, I want to usher her into the next section of her life in the best way possible. It’s got to be Cristina Yang’s happily ever after.”

During the season-nine finale, Cristina and Owen firmed up their split. Oh’s character reaffirmed her desire to not have children — a decision she has firmly maintained since Day 1 of the series — and decided not to stand in the way of Owen finding happiness. “I feel like that was a very definite moment for them,” Rhimes told reporters in May of the fact that Owen didn’t run after Cristina despite professing his love for her. “Do they still love each other? Absolutely. Is that love ever going to die? I don’t know. I know a lot of fans just want us to end everything by giving Cristina a baby [as if that’s] going to make everyone happy, which infuriates me as a woman, as a human being and as someone who loves babies — it drives me nuts. I adamantly stand by Cristina’s ability and desire to not have a baby and to be happy about that. There’s something great about this struggle and what’s going to make her happy and see where they go next.”

Oh cited McKidd — whom she called the “greatest acting partner you could ever ask for” — for creating a place where she didn’t feel as if she were acting but instead what Stanislavski called a “state of being.” “You’re not acting, you are in a state of being and you actually are the character,” she says. “To actually get to the point in my career where you can experience that was the highlight of my career. Learning the rare opportunity of what it is to work on one project for 10 years — that’s like being married in television years for like a thousand years.”

Added McKidd of Oh’s upcoming exit: “I feel so blessed and grateful to have been given the chance to work with her. When I joined the show in season five, she was so welcoming and nurturing to me as a new actor on the show — something I will never forget and be always thankful for. Getting to act with her every day has made me a better actor, and getting to know her has made me a better person. She is an extremely warm and loving person and I will miss her. I wish her every good wish in the world and will miss her at work a huge amount, but I feel happy to know that she is moving on to new adventures and roles to explore. Sandra has inspired me to diligently work hard at my craft and to never phone it in or zone out — her professionalism and passion for acting knows no bounds. I have been lucky to get the time I have with her.”

Oh becomes the latest Grey’s star to exit the drama. She joins Dane, Leigh and Kim Raver (Teddy), who was written out in the season-eight finale; original star T.R. Knight (George) exited in 2009; Isaiah Washington (Burke) was fired in 2007; and Katherine Heigl (Izzie) left in 2010 to pursue other opportunities.

Kate Walsh’s Addison character was spun off to star in Private Practice, which recently ended its six-season run. For her part, Rhimes has noted she’d like both Walsh and former Grey’s recurring player Caterina Scorsone to return before Grey’s ends its run.

And Oh would be game, too. “There’s no way that no one could keep me away from that,” she said of an appearance in Grey’s Anatomy’s eventual series finale — provided Cristina survives.

In the meantime, there’s still the 24 episodes of season 10 for Oh to get through before she focuses on saying a final goodbye to her co-stars and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

“I’m just going to focus on every single day,” she says, noting she’d likely keep Cristina’s stethoscope and ID badges as keepsakes. “I just can’t think about it right now.”

Grey’s ranks as ABC’s No. 1 drama among the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demographic, finishing its ninth season with an average of a 4.1 rating. In total viewers among original scripted dramas, it trails only Castle at the network.

Grey’s Anatomy, which was renewed in May for a 10th season, returns Sept. 26 with a two-hour premiere. The drama also recently promoted four recurring players to series regulars as the show looks to continue on with its latest class of interns, something Lee stressed Rhimes has done before on the series. “She will, like she always does, bring changes that are extraordinary,” he said.

And while Oh eyes her next career endeavor — likely a return to the theater — one thing will be certain: The actress will keep up with her co-stars every Thursday at 9 p.m.

“I feel like in 10 or 20 years, when I’m lounging around in my muumuu with a martini, I’m going to watch Grey’s Anatomy from the pilot to whenever it ends, and I’m going to enjoy myself thoroughly and enjoy seeing all those moments and being able to see it with a new perspective,” she says, reflecting on what has been a career-defining role.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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