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9×24 – Perfect Storm Screencaps

I’ve added over 2,000 screencaps from last night’s Season 9 finale episode. What did you guys think? I know I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode and trying to hold back tears almost every 5 minutes…. HOwever, I am glad it wasn’t as catastrophic as previous finales have been, but I’m sure the beginning of next season we may get hit by a bus… Damn you Shonda!


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9×23 – Readiness Is All HD Screencaps

The last episode before the season finale aired last night. What were your thoughts? This was the first time I’ve cried since I think the beginning of the season! The proposal to April was so cute! I started crying the second everyone started dancing because I knew what was coming! haha! I also felt that at the end was a little dramatic with Alex and Jo… with the tree thing… Neither of them got hurt? IT WAS A TREE FLYING THROUGH THE WINDOW!!! Anyway, enjoy the screencaps, I will be updating the site in some major ways–I noticed the page links are not really working so that will be my focus as well as throwing up a spankin’ new layout!


Grey’s Anatomy > Season 9 > Screen Captures > 9×23 – Readiness Is All

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New Owner

Hello Grey’s Anatomy fans! My name is Courtney and I’ve just adopted this site from Eric. Thank you again so much for letting me take over the site!

I am currently working on bringing the gallery screencaps up-to-date, adding the last few episodes.

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Patrick Dempsey Visits “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Patrick Dempsey stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night! Patrick talks Grey’s Anatomy, being in their 9th season, cycling, and racing. You can catch the 3-part interview below, as well as 317 HD screen captures in the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > Solo > Patrick Dempsey > 2013 > Apr 04: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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