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13×10 & 13×11 Screencaptures

We are finally back. There is soo much work to be done but I am happy the site is open again:)

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13×01 Sneak Peek “Undo”

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Jolex Spoilers From The Spoiler Room

Something about Jolex’s storyline on Grey’s Anatomy? I love them so much. — Giusina
It won’t be long before Alex finds out that Jo Wilson isn’t who she says she is. “Obviously, he’s going to find out why she can’t marry him,” Justin Chambers says. “I don’t know where that takes them from there, but he’s hurt, and he’s angry, and he’s wrong, but he’s also right.” Unfortunately for Alex, Jo will have a very strong reaction to what he did.


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Grey’s Anatomy to explore domestic violence in season 13

Heading into its 13th season, Grey’s Anatomy will be shining a light on domestic violence, exploring the repercussions of Alex (Justin Chambers) pummeling DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), which was ultimately a miscommunication resulting from the reveal that Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) is married to an abusive man she ran away from.

At the close of season 12, Jo turned down Alex’s proposal, scared to confess that she couldn’t marry him because she was already wed. In truth, her name isn’t even Jo Wilson. Season 13 picks up in the aftermath, as Alex faces the consequences of his actions both at the hospital, but also in his relationship with Jo, whose backstory will finally unfurl this year.

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