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Season Finale – More Episode Stills

Since the season finale has now been officially aired, ABC released another set of promotional stills that might be way too spoiler-ish if they were to be released before. They have all been added to the gallery! Huge thanks to Diana for sending me the stills!

Enjoy the stills!

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The Season Finale

Hello everyone!

I know most of you are eagerly waiting for the screen captures and video clips from the finale, but I hope that you can wait a little while longer as I am still uploading them!

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the finale?

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5.22 "What A Difference A Day Makes" – Screen captures

Screen captures from last week\’s episode 5.22 \”What A Difference A Day Makes\” are now up in the gallery!

Enjoy the screen captures!

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5.23/5.24 "Here's To The Future/Now Or Never" Promos

Special thanks to purplestuff48 @ YouTube, I\’ve managed to put up official promos for next week\’s two-hour season finale! You can find the videos below!


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