Season 12 May See the Relationship of Alex and Jo Getting into Trouble, Says Camilla Luddington!

Filming for Season 12 of the American medical drama TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” has began this week and the cast members are bracing for major changes in the show following the departure of Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, during the series finale of Season 11.

While the show will still focus on the life of Meredith Grey-Sheperd post-Derek, it is expected that the series will shift its key plotlines to the other cast members and their relationships.

High on the list of possible stronger focus is the relationship of Alex Karev, played by Justin Chambers, and Jo Wilson, played by Camilla Luddington.

During the “Grey’s Anatomy” ComicCon panel, Camilla Ludington was quoted as saying that she is personally getting worried about the relationship of Alex and Jo as it is possible that it may finally get into a rough sailing in the upcoming Season 12.

She explained that since the start of the relationship of Alex and Jo in Season 9, they have been blessed with not getting into serious trouble at all. While there were occasional bumps along the way, they eventually end patching things up and the relationship only gets stronger.

While Camilla Luddington sees the possibility of Alex and Jo finally tying the knot on Season 12, with a possible episode on Alex making his ultimate wedding proposal, she nonetheless expects that their relationship will get into serious trouble, details the Latin Post.

She said that it is typical for relationships in “Grey’s Anatomy” to hit rough patches after a couple of seasons. And so far, Alex and Jo have yet to experience something of their own so they are quite due for an interesting conflict or trouble.

During an interview, Camilla said that she does not trust that things are going to continue to go well between Alex and Jo because that is really unusual on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

She also added that she detests the home that Jo and Alex moved into in the past season, describing it as hideous.

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Why Did [SPOILER] Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

The following post contains spoilers to this weeks episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Please use caution. 

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Season 11 Finale is a Two-Parter!

If you are a diehard viewer of “Grey’s Anatomy” and have been for many years, you most likely know one thing already: Show creator Shonda Rhimes has a penchant for making enormous finales that have a tendency to leave people talking for weeks or even months. “Flight” remains to us particularly devastating given that we lost Lexie. Meanwhile, last season brought the end of Sandra Oh as a series regular. While that may not have been as emotionally devastating (we were prepared for it), it was still a tremendous night of nostalgia and a great chance to see how much the series has evolved.

It is far too early to go into specifics on what Rhimes and her team have planned for the new season, but on the service it definitely appears like it could be explosive. Per a report now from TVLine, the finale is going to be split up into two separate episodes, and will also introduce a number of new characters that could recur. What does this mean? On the surface, it feels like we could see another shake-up at the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. This is the sort of environment were new faces do routinely show up and others leave, but we should note that we haven’t heard anything about notable exits this year.

At the moment, “Grey’s Anatomy” does feel like a relative lock to return for another season and for good reason. It continues to do well despite a few dips in its new timeslot, and there is no reason to sweat out any more contract negotiations with Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. They’ve already signed on for one more year.

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