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[Video] Preview Reveals who Attacks Meredith *SPOILERS*

It is almost time for Grey’s Anatomy to return, and the new preview is showing exactly what happens to Meredith Grey when she is brutally attacked. Viewers have known that this is coming, but actually seeing the preview shows how violent it will all be for her. This will all go down when Grey’s Anatomy returns to television in February. TV Line shared the new preview that reveals it is a patient that will be the one who attacks Meredith Grey.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season premiere was a powerful return

Meredith promised one thing at the start of Grey’s Anatomy’s season premiere: “You’re about to find out that everything has changed.”

But, in the end, that couldn’t be further from the truth. At least when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy as a whole. The show returned with an episode that sent a powerful message: The Grey’s Anatomy you love hasn’t changed a bit.

The hour — the start of the show’s 12th (!) season — had all the makings of a classic episode: a powerful patient storyline (this one about two lesbian teens who struggled to gain the acceptance of their bigot parents, who were the kind we like to hope are rarer than they probably are), a return to a more established arc (Bailey’s quest to be chief), and reminder that an in-transition Meredith Grey is still trying to figure out her future.

Though, with regards to the latter, the bigger question of her path going forward was circumvented for a smaller-scale and comedic story about her struggling to adapt to living with Amelia — a perfect choice for a season opener that already had a heavy storyline present.

The premiere also touched on a few other subjects somewhat fleetingly, but these acted as setups for more to come.

For example, April returned from another deployment in the final minutes, and her reunion with Jackson was icy, but we didn’t see much more than that. And in another, Arizona struggled to find a roommate because, she was told, her reputation as a legendary doctor, a bit of a jinx and an intern-seducer was a deterrent for potential roommates. Luckily, she eventually found one.

There was no big moment that made the episode. This is Grey’s; it saves those for sweeps.

Instead, Grey’s focused on making the sum of the parts a satisfying experience, with those signature, powerful moments along the way.

Like when Maggie punched the horrible mother of one of the teen girls.

Or when the group had a meaningful talk about bullies.

Or when Bailey speechified like only she can and got the keys to her kingdom.

Or even when Meredith apologized to Amelia by saying, “I’m sorry I said you have fleas.” (Because that’s perfect Meredith.)

The message of this episode was that there may be a piece of Grey’s missing — RIP, still, Derek — but the rest is still here.

And we’re all allowed to enjoy that.

What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere? Tell us below.

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Season 12 May See the Relationship of Alex and Jo Getting into Trouble, Says Camilla Luddington!

Filming for Season 12 of the American medical drama TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” has began this week and the cast members are bracing for major changes in the show following the departure of Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, during the series finale of Season 11.

While the show will still focus on the life of Meredith Grey-Sheperd post-Derek, it is expected that the series will shift its key plotlines to the other cast members and their relationships.

High on the list of possible stronger focus is the relationship of Alex Karev, played by Justin Chambers, and Jo Wilson, played by Camilla Luddington.

During the “Grey’s Anatomy” ComicCon panel, Camilla Ludington was quoted as saying that she is personally getting worried about the relationship of Alex and Jo as it is possible that it may finally get into a rough sailing in the upcoming Season 12.

She explained that since the start of the relationship of Alex and Jo in Season 9, they have been blessed with not getting into serious trouble at all. While there were occasional bumps along the way, they eventually end patching things up and the relationship only gets stronger.

While Camilla Luddington sees the possibility of Alex and Jo finally tying the knot on Season 12, with a possible episode on Alex making his ultimate wedding proposal, she nonetheless expects that their relationship will get into serious trouble, details the Latin Post.

She said that it is typical for relationships in “Grey’s Anatomy” to hit rough patches after a couple of seasons. And so far, Alex and Jo have yet to experience something of their own so they are quite due for an interesting conflict or trouble.

During an interview, Camilla said that she does not trust that things are going to continue to go well between Alex and Jo because that is really unusual on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

She also added that she detests the home that Jo and Alex moved into in the past season, describing it as hideous.

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11×24 “You’re My Home” – Sneak Peek Videos

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