Season 5 Episode Stills – Part 2

Here are the rest of the season 5 episode stills: Episodes 6 to 9. Previews are below!

This is my last update today and through next week. Hopefully Pat can fill you guys in with more updates while I\’m gone. Enjoy the stills! :)

5.09 "In The Midnight Hour" – Video clips

I\’ve uploaded 15 video clips from the latest episode to our very own streaming video archive! I\’ve embedded one clip below, you can find the rest here.


5.09 "In The Midnight Hour" – Screen captures

I have quite a few updates to make, so make sure you keep checking back! I\’m going back to University tomorrow so I plan to update as much as I can today. Anyway to start off, I\’ve added over 1000 screen captures of last Thursday\’s episode to the gallery!


Season 5 Episode Stills

I\’ve added HQ season 5 stills of episodes 1 to 5. Previews below!

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Stills of episodes 6 to 9 will be added as well shortly!