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Webmaster: Sheeda
Co-Web: Pat
Site name: Grey\’s Anatomy Fan /
Opened: November 21, 2008
Host: The Fan Sites Network

Grey\’s Anatomy Fan was launched on November 21, 2008 after months of hard work. It was created and maintained by two friends: Sheeda and Pat. It is proudly hosted by Gertie over at, which has proven to be the best and the most reliable host around!

We are both huge fans of Grey\’s Anatomy and felt we wanted to make our own tribute since there are sadly very few good fan sites that are dedicated to this incredible show and its amazing cast. We hope we can bring you informative and fun resource while remaining respectful and courteous to the show and actors.

The site is still by no means complete, but we believe it can grow from here. Thank you so much for visiting!

Unfortunately, Sheeda and Pat couldn\’t continue with Grey\’s Anatomy Fan, so the new details for the site are as follows:

Webmaster: Jessie
Site name: Grey\’s Anatomy Fan /
Re-Opened: October 6th, 2012
Host: The Fan Sites Network


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