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The Cast

Chandra Wilson
» plays Dr. Miranda Bailey.

Chyler Leigh
» plays Dr. Lexie Grey.

Ellen Pompeo
» plays Dr. Meredith Grey.

Eric Dane
» plays Dr. Mark Sloan.

James Pickens, Jr
» plays Dr. Richard Webber.

Jesse Williams
» plays Dr. Jackson Avery.

Jessica Capshaw
» plays Dr. Arizona Robbins.

Justin Chambers
» plays Dr. Alex Karev.

Kevin McKidd
» plays Dr. Owen Hunt.

Kim Raver
» plays Dr. Teddy Altman.

Patrick Dempsey
» plays Dr. Derek Shepherd.

Sandra Oh
» plays Dr. Cristina Yang.

Sarah Drew
» plays Dr. April Kepner.

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Alex Karev

April Kepner

Arizona Robbins

Callie Torres

Cristina Yang

Derek Shepherd

Jackson Avery

Lexie Grey

Mark Sloan

Meredith Grey

Miranda Bailey

Owen Hunt

Richard Webber

Teddy Altman

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