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Alex Karev


Getting the best surgeries; Joe’s bar; wrestling

Lying, in general; not getting any OR time; being told what to do

Alex, once notoriously known as a bit of a womanizer, married Izzie Stevens before she abruptly left. He is currently single – after ending a rather undefined relationship with neonatal surgeon, Dr. Lucy Fields. Recently, after his intern, Morgan, gave birth to a premature baby, Alex forged a tight bond with the young mother, standing by her and providing care for the baby.

Alex grew up watching his father, a musician and drug addict, physically abuse his mother. He became a wrestler in college and eventually channeled his pent-up anger towards his dad. Soon after, Alex’s father disappeared.

Alex has demonstrated promise in pediatric surgery with Dr. Arizona Robbins, and has decided to pursue a career in pediatrics. During the hospital shootings, Alex was shot in the chest, and survived. He has since developed an outreach program at the hospital to help sick children in Africa receive surgical care. Most recently, Alex passed his boards and received an outstanding offer as a pediatrics fellow at Johns Hopkins University.