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April Kepner


Her red notebook; Second chances; Being prepared and being taken seriously

When people steal her red notebook; Distractions in the ER; When patients die; Being called “Shepherd’s flunkey”; being made fun of for loving Jesus and decision to remain a virgin for religious reasons.

April grew up on a farm in Ohio. Her dad is a corn farmer and her mom is a teacher. She has three sisters: Libby, Kimmie and Alice.

April came to Seattle Grace in the Mercy West merger. Richard fired her for a small ER mistake that turned fatal, but Derek later gave her a second chance by rehiring her. After finding Reed, her best friend, shot to death by Gary Clark, April faced Gary Clark’s gun and escaped unscathed. As a fifth year, April was named Chief Resident, and lost her virginity to Jackson Avery the night before her Oral Boards. Upon failing her Boards, Owen was unable to hire her as a fellow or an attending at SGH, leaving April unsure of her professional future.