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Callie Torres


Arizona Robbins; Cuban food; dancing in her underwear

Not having enough money to pay her rent; getting criticized for not washing her hands after using the bathroom

Met George after treating him for a dislocated shoulder. The pair started dating and Callie fell for George in a big way—the two married! Ultimately, however, they divorced. Callie next sought refuge in the arms of Mark Sloan and then, finally, Dr. Arizona Robbins. Callie and Arizona are now happily married with a baby, Sofia, whom is fathered by Callie’s best friend, Mark Sloan.

In recent months, Callie has become closer to her father – however, her relationship with her mother remains strained – mainly due to Callie’s relationship with Arizona. The survivor of a very serious car accident, Callie recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sofia.

Callie is the sort of woman who has had to stand on her own two feet most of her life. She’s a passionate, hot-blooded young woman who isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers in the typically male dominated hospital environment.