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Cristina Yang


Assisting on unusual, hardcore surgeries

Hugs; being told what to do; and losing (at anything!)

Cristina is the first to admit she doesn’t really ‘do’ relationships—never mind do them well. Nonetheless, Cristina is married to Dr. Owen Hunt. Past relations have included cardio-gods Preston Burke and Colin Marlowe. Recently, her marriage to Owen took a hard turn when Cristina discovered Owen had cheated on her following her decision to abort their child.

Cristina has a love/hate relationship with her mother who, in Cristina’s eyes, is caring but annoying. Her father has passed away. She is the Godmother to Meredith and Derek’s baby girl, Zola.

During the shootings, Cristina operated on Dr. Derek Shepherd’s heart with Gary Clark’s gun pressed to her head. She also witnessed her boyfriend (now husband), Dr. Owen Hunt, take a bullet to his shoulder. However, the harrowing experience fueled her commitment to cardio. Cristina spent her fifth year as a resident studying under Teddy Altman. Her stellar reputation earned her countless fellowship offers from competing hospitals, leaving Cristina unsure of where to continue her professional career. Most recently, Cristina was in a plane crash, stranded with the woods alongside her friends, suffering from a dislocated shoulder—details of which have yet to unfold.