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Derek Shepherd


Meredith; ferryboats; his trailer; fly-fishing; scotch; hopeless cases

Having a failed marriage under his belt.

After finding his wife, Addison, in bed with his best friend, Mark, Derek left New York and moved to Seattle. There, he met Meredith and pursued a relationship. After a series of ups and downs, the couple finally got married!

Derek comes from a very large family. He has four sisters. His father passed away when he was very young. Most recently, Derek and Meredith adopted a baby girl named Zola.

Nicknamed “McDreamy” by the hospital’s female staff, Derek is known for his good looks, beautiful hair, charm and phenomenal surgical skill. He was shot in the chest by the Seattle Grace shooter, Gary Clark, and survived. Derek spearheaded a high profile Alzheimer’s Trial, which were halted due to the suspicious actions of Meredith Grey. Afterwards, Derek took an interest in operating on hopeless cases. His reputation earned him an offer from Harvard. Most recently, Derek injured his hand in a plane crash. Stranded in the woods alongside his fellow surgeons, Derek’s future remains unclear.