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Jackson Avery


Surgeons that go rogue; Fearlessness

When people know he’s Harper Avery’s grandson; Gambling; Harper Avery’s “wonders of medicine” speech; the fact that Mark has dubbed him apart of the “Plastics Posse”

Jackson found himself a part of a love triangle involving Dr. Lexie Grey and Dr. Mark Sloan. After a brief relationship with Lexie, Jackson began working diligently under Mark Sloan to become his prized plastics resident. Most recently, while at the boards, Jackson de-virginized April Kepner.

Jackson is the Harper Avery’s grandson, and he shirks the legacy that comes with that title. He was always the pretty one in his family and felt nothing was expected from him—he learned to push himself to become a surgeon. His mother, Catherine Avery, is a celebrated urologist who most recently began dating Richard Webber, much to Jackson’s dismay.

Jackson came to Seattle Grace in the merger with Mercy West. He played college football and can still tackle. His grandfather’s speeches at the Avery family dinner table inspired him to be a surgeon. During the shootings, Jackson helped save Dr. Derek Shepherd’s life in the OR. After working under Mark Sloan, Jackson currently has an offer for a plastics fellowship at Tulane.