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Mark Sloan


Lexie; saving lives through plastic surgery (it can be done); the “Plastics Posse”

Seattle; his “manwhore” moniker

Mark was the catalyst for the end of Derek’s marriage to Addison, after Derek caught him sleeping with his wife. Since relocating to Seattle, Mark has slept with many nurses, residents and even attendings – one of which was Callie Torres. He is the biological father of Callie and Arizona’s baby – a source of great frustration for Arizona. After Mark ended a relationship with Lexie Grey, he began seeing Dr. Julia Canner of Seattle Presbyterian. Most recently, however, Mark confessed his love to Lexie as she laid dying, trapped beneath the wreckage from the plane crash that eventually took her life.

Nicknamed “McSteamy” by the female interns, Mark’s arrival in Seattle caused more than a few upsets among the staff at SGH. He’s the kind of guy who women hate falling for, but just can’t resist. Oh, and he can even suture his own cut face. Most recently, Mark was in a plane crash that claimed the life of his true love, Lexie Grey, and threatened his own life as he had to undergo an emergency pericardiocentisis—details of which have yet to come to light.