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Meredith Grey


Derek Shepherd; scrubbing in; ice cream; tequila

Estranged wives; complicated relationships; sharing her house (sometimes)

Even though relationships were never Meredith’s strong point, she finally married her one true love, Derek Shepherd – twice – on a Post-it, as well as in an official ceremony at City Hall.

Considered “royally inbred” by the other interns, Meredith is the daughter of the late, world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Ellis Grey. Most recently, Meredith and Derek adopted a beautiful baby girl named Zola.

Thanks to her last name, Meredith has always had a lot of high expectations and responsibility riding on her shoulders. During the shootings, Meredith witnessed Derek take a bullet to his chest. Their marriage was rocked by the revelation that Meredith had tampered with Derek’s Alzheimer’s Trial, but the two have since reconciled. Most recently, both Meredith was in a plane crash where she lost her half sister, Lexie Grey, had to suture her husband’s hand with a safety pin, and perform an emergency pericardiocentisis on Mark Sloan. Stranded in the woods, Meredith’s future remains unclear.