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Owen Hunt


Ballpoint pens (they save lives); using unconventional ways of getting his job done; the U.S. Army

Being told what to do; asking permission; being powerless

After taking an immediate liking to Dr. Cristina Yang, Owen formed a close relationship with the young resident. The two married in a private ceremony at the house of Cristina’s best friend, Meredith. Most recently, however, their relationship was rocked when Cristina decided to abort their baby and Owen, distressed by the situation, cheated on Cristina.

Owen joined the Seattle Grace-Mercy West staff after his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army. He continues to suffer from PTSD – a result of his intense memories of the war in Iraq. In an effort to save his girlfriend (now wife), Cristina, from hospital shooter Gary Clark, Owen was shot in the shoulder. He survived. Most recently, Owen was named Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace after Richard resigned, and had deal with the fifth years potentially leaving SGH to pursue fellowships at competing hospitals.