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Richard Webber


Fly-fishing; his career

Members of staff keeping secrets from him; sexually-charged doctors; striking nurses; alcohol (he is a recovered alcoholic)

Had an affair with Meredith’s mom, Dr. Ellis Grey. He eventually ended their relationship. Webber’s marriage somehow survived, despite Adele’s knowledge of his affair. More recently, Richard found himself entangled in a romantic rendezvous with Dr. Catherine Avery after they ran into each other while proctoring the Oral Boards.

Richard’s marriage to Adele has weathered all sorts of storms, from his affair with Ellis to his drinking problem. Now, Richard and Adele are faced with yet another serious issue: Adele’s Alzheimer’s which currently has escalated to a point where Adele had to be taken to a home.

A mentor to the entire staff, Dr. Webber worked in New York for a number of years pioneering cutting edge surgery. He eventually returned to Seattle Grace-Mercy West, the hospital where—more than three decades ago—he was himself an intern. Most recently, Richard resigned as Chief of Surgery and named Owen Hunt the new Chief. He has been enjoying his time as a full time attending, happy to be back in the O.R.